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SIS 2016 Scientific Meeting

The Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international scientific meeting which focuses on methodological and applied statistical research.

The website of SIS2016 Conference is

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IES 2015 & ASA 2015

IES 2015 - Innovation and Society (Innovazione e società)

The SIS Research Group SVQS (Statistica per la Valutazione e Qualità nei Servizi) is glad to announce that

IES 2015 conference will be organized in Bari (Italy) on 8-9 July 2015.

Conference Program


IES 2015 is the biennial conference organizated by the SIS research group SVQS (Statistica per la Valutazione e la Qualità nei servizi), now reaching the sixth edition.

The attention of statisticians towards the instruments for the evaluation of services for the society has been widely increased during the past years. This phenomenon has been mostly due to the request of both the productive system and the public institutions of techniques that are suitable for evaluating the efficacy, efficiency and quality of services, with respect to not only the customer satisfaction but also to the impact of the evaluation on the innovation of these services. The Conference aims at both targets: providing approaches and statistical methodologies for the evaluation of services that are currently used in different contests of the society, and participating to the discussion on the consequences of service innovation by including different actors of economics and social policies. For this reason, the Conference is open to the participation and to the discussion with researchers, experts and responsibles of the development policies dealing the links between evaluation, innovation and society.

The conference is hosted by Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro and sponsored by Department of Economics and Mathematics – University of Bari and by Department of Economics – University of Foggia.


ASA 2015 - Choice and preference analysis for quality improvement

Twinned conference organized by ASA in 9 and 10 july, in the same places.

The conference is aimed at promoting applications and techniques for valuing statistics as a method for the improvement of sciences and the enhancement of economy and society at large.

The direct link to the ASA Conference is:



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GRASPA 2015, Bari 15-16 June 2015

GRASPA 2015 is the biennial conference of the Italian Research Group for Environmental Statistics (GRASPA-SIS). GRASPA is active since 1995 and has become a permanent working group of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) since May 2013. GRASPA-SIS promotes statistical and interdisciplinary research in the field of environmental quality, safety and sustainability including air and water quality, epidemiology, climate, earth science and ecology.

GRASPA 2015 is also the 2015 European regional conference of The International Environmetrics Society (TIES), it is sponsored by the Young section of the Italian Statistical Society and is a connected event of the Spatial Statistics 2015 Conference. The meeting will have plenary, invited and contributed sessions. An extensive poster session will be held as well.

PROCEEDINGS AND SPECIAL ISSUES, a Book of Abstracts will be printed. The Proceedings will be published online in the GRASPA Working Papers Series (with ISSN) and will include both oral and poster short papers in the same format. Extended versions of a selection of invited/contributed short papers will be considered for publication in two special issues of ISI/Scopus indexed scientific journals with impact factor:

SHORT COURSE, a post-conference one-day short course on Introducing flexible regression for environmental data will be given the 17 June by Adrian Bowman. Check the short course page for further details.

GRASPA 2015 is an opportunity to share research interests related to the development and use of statistical methods in environmental sciences, fostering methodological developments and applications in fields such as spatial and spatio-temporal modelling, functional data analysis, directional data, spatial and spatio-temporal sampling and extreme values. Moreover GRASPA 2015endorses co-operation among statisticians, academics from environmental sciences as well as practitioners from government and independent environmental agencies creating a space for the exchange of experiences and ideas on various aspects relevant to the protection of the natural environment including: air quality, groundwater pollution and hydrology, soil science and site remediation, forestry and landscape analysis, climatology and meteorology, ecology and biodiversity, agriculture and natural resources management, disease epidemics and seismic risk.

GRASPA 2015 is hosted by Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro and financially supported by Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Metodi Matematici – Università degli Studi di BariDipartimento di Economia – Università degli Studi di FoggiaFondazione Cassa di Risparmio di PugliaIstituto di Ricerca sulle Acque - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and Sanitanova.

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SIS2015 Statistical Conference

The Italian Statistical Society was founded in 1939. Today, it consists of about one thousand members from University and public or private organizations, including scholars in statistical methodology, probability, economic and social statistics, demography. Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international specialized statistical conference. The meeting focuses on both methodological and applied statistical research. The 2015 meeting, organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Corrado Gini’s death (Rome, 13 March 1965) is an occasion to investigate and present themes of research in Statistics, Demography, Biology, Sociology and Official Statistics.Researchers interested in the current theme of the Meeting are invited to participate.

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METMA VII – GRASPA14, Torino 10th-12th September 2014

The joint meeting METMA VII - GRASPA14 is an opportunity to bring together two communities with common research interests, such as the development and use of statistical methods in the environmental sciences. These research aims are at the cornerstone of TIES, for which the meeting will also be a TIES regional conference. METMA VII will be the Seventh International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Modelling, while GRASPA14 represents the 2014 meeting of the Research Group for Statistical Applications to Environmental Problems (

A full text brochure for the conference is available here

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SIS 2014 Scientific Meeting, Cagliari 11th-13th of June

The Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international scientific meeting where both methodological and applied statistical research papers are welcomed.

The SIS 2014 scientific meeting will be held in Cagliari, since wednesday 11th of June, till friday 13th.

The deadline for paper submission is the 10th of February.

Early registration will expire the 10th of May.

You can download the brochure or the poster.

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SIS 2013 Statistical Conference

Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international specialized scientific meeting on a relevant statistical theme. The meeting focuses on both methodological and applied statistical research. The Meeting focuses on advances in statistical methods and models for analyses with latent  variables. Recently, an increasing interest has been devoted to this topic, from both methodological and applied points of view. In fact, the “latent variable approach” allows to effectively model complex real-life phenomena in a wide range of research fields. The aim of this SIS Meeting is to bring together statisticians from different research fields, in order to exchange approaches and experiences related to the analysis of the unobservable variables and the study of the relationships among them. Researchers interested in the current theme of the Meeting are invited to participate.

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SISVSP Meeting 2012

Le statistiche pubbliche prodotte e organizzate dalle Pubbliche Amministrazioni rappresentano un immenso patrimonio conoscitivo. D’altro canto, sempre più spesso, le statistiche private iniziano a svolgere un ruolo importante nei processi decisionali economici e sociali.
Il convegno del Gruppo per la Valorizzazione delle Statistiche Pubbliche (SISVSP2012) si propone come un’occasione di confronto e discussione tra esperti e ricercatori sul ruolo della statistica pubblica e privata per i processi decisionali e la governance, ai diversi livelli di responsabilità.
L'evento si tiene a Roma, presso l'Università Europea, dal 19 al 20 Aprile 2012.

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SIS Scientific Meeting 2012

The Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international scientific meeting where both methodological and applied statistical research papers are welcomed.
The 46th Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society will take place in Rome, in the period 6/20-22 2012.
The conference will include 4 plenary sessions, 17 specialized sessions, 22 solicited sessions, and a number of contributed sessions. The specialized sessions include 6 sessions, organized by the Royal Statistical Society,the Société Française de Statistique, the Sociedad de Estadística e Investigación Operativa, the Sociedade Portuguesa de Estatística and the Deutsche Statistische Gesellschaft.


SPRINGER BOOK: Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics

A Book in the new International Series Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics will be published by Springer under the supervision of the Italian Statistical Society. The book will be edited by Prof. G. Alleva (Sapienza University of Rome), Prof. A. Giommi (University of Florence) and Prof. C.D. Paulino (University of Lisbon). 

All those who presented a paper/poster at the SIS2012 meeting are invited to submit an extended version of their presentation for possible publication. The submission deadline has been postponed to October 31st. Papers are sent to reviewers immediately after submission. Early submissions are encouraged. Submissions will undergo a blind reviewing
process and only the selected papers will be included in the book.

Papers must be written in English according to the same standards used for submission to the conference
and must not exceed 10 pages. Latex standards are strongly encouraged.

Papers can be submitted on-line using the conference web site, selecting the "Springer Book" track. To submit a paper, login by using the same username and password you exploited for submitting your presentation at the conference. Please submit PDF files only. The word or the latex source will be asked to the authors after acceptance of the paper.

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SIS 2011 Statistical Conference

Per celebrare i 150 anni di Unità d’Italia, la SIS organizza il convegno intermedio sul tema “La Statistica nei 150 anni dall’Unità d’Italia”.
Per la sua importanza, il Convegno sarà organizzato insieme alla Banca d’Italia e all’Istat e si terrà a Bologna dall’8 al 10 giugno.

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SIS Scientific Meeting 2010

The 45th scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) will be held in Padua (Italy) from June 16th to 18th, 2010.

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SIS 2009 Statistical Conference

The theme of the 2009 meeting is "Statistical Methods for the analysis of large data-sets". In recent years there has been increasing interest in this subject, in fact a huge quantity of information is often available but standard statistical techniques are usually not well suited to manage this kind of data.
The conference intends to be a meeting-point for European researchers working on this theme and some European statistical societies will participate in the organization of the event.

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