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Analysis of pupil’s achievments by means of bivariate mixed effect models
Chiara Masci, Francesca Ieva, Tommaso Agasisti, Anna Maria Paganoni

Last modified: 2015-09-05


The purpose of this paper is to identify a relationship between pupils’
mathematics and reading test scores and the characteristics of students themselves, stratifying for classes, schools and geographical areas. The innovation of this work is in the use of multivariate mixed effect models, in which the outcome variable is bivariate: reading and mathematics achievements. The statistical model employed here explicates account for the potential covariance between the two topics, and at the same time it allows the school effect to vary among them. The results show that while for most cases the direction of school’s effect is coherent for reading and mathematics (i.e. positive/negative), there are cases where internal school factors lead to differential performances in the two fields.

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