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Poverty, domestic conflict and violence: Georgia’s case
Mzia Shelia, Avtandil Sulaberidze

Last modified: 2015-09-05


This paper is based on the sociological survey conducted in 2014 by the Institute of Demography and Sociology of Georgia which aimed to study students’ attitude towards domestic conflicts and violence. Interdependence between poverty and domestic violence has been established. Poverty has been found to be a major factor triggering domestic conflict and violence in Georgia which, on their part, further aggravate poverty. The state shall take more active steps to find ways to overcome it. Due to the gravity of the problem, studies in this direction shall be conducted in an integrated mannerand on a regular basis. Prevention of domestic conflicts would considerably reduce the occurrence of domestic violence. It was found that there is a strong need to cultivate among the youth the ideas of legal and gender equality and to raise their awareness of harmonious family relationship. This should be taken into consideration by educational institutions when developing their curricula.

Key words: poverty, conflict, domestic violence, student, family.

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