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Testing the spatial concentration of Italian provincial urban structure using different geographical partitions
Marco Ballin

Last modified: 2015-09-04


Spatial concentration measures differ substantially from traditionalconcentration measures (such as Gini coefficient) in that they take into account not only thea‐spatial concentration features, but also the position of the observed areal units. In Arbiaand Piras (2009) a test statistics was suggested to measure both features in a single indexand test its significance. In this paper we make use of such a test in the analysis of theurban structure of Italian provinces. In our case study we refer to two Italian provinces andwe use the Arbia‐Piras statistics to test the significance of spatial concentration in eachprovince and also if there is a significant difference in the spatial concentration betweenthem. Furthermore, we also test the robustness of the index to the Modifiable Areal UnitProblem (Arbia, 1989) by comparing the results obtained making use of three differentpartitions of the same area, namely the Census sections and regular lattice grids of squaresof varying dimension.

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