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Multidimensional inequality and well-being during the crisis: an application to EU-SILC longitudinal data
David Aristei

Last modified: 2015-09-05


This paper proposes an empirical evaluation of the levels and evolution of multidimensional inequality and well-being in Europe during the financial crisis. Based on two alternative multidimensional generalised Gini indices, we explicitly assess the relevance of correlation sensitivity and of different choices for the bottom sensitivity of the social evaluation function in comparative inequality and welfare analysis. Moreover, we explicitly assess the impact of changes in individual well-being over time on the distribution longer term welfare by extending to a multidimensional setting the measure of mobility as an equaliser of longer term welfare proposed by Fields (2010). The empirical analysis is carried out considering four well-being dimensions (income, health, education and housing) and is based on longitudinal EU-SILC data on individuals from 24 European countries over the period 2008-2011.

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