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Ethnic segregation in a metropolitan area of Italy
Manuela Stranges, Annalisa Busetta, Angelo Mazza

Last modified: 2015-09-04


Ethnic residential segregation in Italy is an emerging key question, which will be crucial in the definition and implementation of both urbanistic and social policies. This paper focus on this phenomenon in the Italian metropolitan area of Palermo. We use individual data for all the population residing in the city at 31 December 2012, organised by ethnicity and neighbourhood ("quartiere"). Firstly, we use traditional spatial analysis techniques in order to describe the residential segregation of foreigners and, among the other measures, we apply the Duncan and Duncan dissimilarity index. Then, we apply a recent methodological approach which allows to reduce the bias of the index of Duncan and Duncan and performs better than previous bias reduction techniques, in terms of both mean bias and MSE.

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