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Can Educational policies today change income inequality tomorrow ?
daniele checchi, stefano iacus, giuseppe porro

Last modified: 2015-09-05


In the present paper we conduct two exercises of data imputation. In the first, we impute the potential competences when young (measured by PISA 2000) to the young adult population (surveyed by PIAAC 2012). From an econometric point of view, the imputed competences absorb the information contained in the cell means used to match individuals, and they are able to account for a large fraction of the observed earnings inequality. The second exercise work in the opposite direction, estimating the future earnings of young students, accounting for selection into the labour market (both estimated in the adult population). In this case we exploit the dispersion within the matching cells, obtaining an estimated future earnings inequality, which can be affected by educational policies (in counterfactual simulations).

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