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Beyond the Gini index
Pauline Mornet

Last modified: 2015-09-05


This note provides a characterization of a two-parameter family of inequality measures which structure relies on the Gini index formula. These measures − called (a,d )−Gini − include two sensitivity parameters into their structure allowing to capture different value judgment in the measurement of income inequality.
Besides all the (a,d )−Gini present the peculiarity to be at the same time weakly decomposable and unit-consistent. Two relevant properties recently introduced in the literature allowing to distinguish within-group from between-group disparities,
while keeping unchanged the ranking of income distributions when the income units vary. Note that well-known indicators such as the Gini index, the Gini mean difference, the coefficient of variation squared or still the variance are included into the family of (a,d )−Gini measures.

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