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Selective Abortions in Georgia
Avtandil Sulaberidze, Giorgi Tsuladze, Tamar Shinjiashvili, Badri Kutelia

Last modified: 2015-09-05


Attention to the problem of selective abortions in the countries of Asia and East Europe (including in Georgia) was paid after the observed unbalance in the sex ratio at live births. Unlike us, some foreign and Georgian scholars consider that violation of numerical ratio of sexes is connected to selective abortions and neglect  inaccurate statistical registration has been existing in the country since 1990s. We do not deny the existence of sex-selective abortions, but the results of social-demographic  surveys conducted by us show that the share of selective abortions is small (1.7%) among all abortions [6]. The average number of boys and girls in the family named by the interviewed  men and women is no different. This is confirmed by other studies as well. In our view, a violation of numerical sex ratio in Georgia is not caused by selective abortions, but by the registration gaps of the births.

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