Events and Meetings of Italian Statistical Society, Statistics and Demography: the Legacy of Corrado Gini

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Corrado Gini and the course of Italian history
Jean_Guy Prévost

Last modified: 2015-09-04


This paper seeks to offer an analytical and contextual reconstruction of Corrado Gini’s intellectual trajectory up to 1945. The four decades to be covered were important from the perspective of the history of Italian statistics, since they were marked by methodological innovation and major developments in the organization of teaching, research and dissemination of the discipline. It was also during that period that official statistics were thoroughly reorganized with the creation of ISTAT in 1926. This period was also crucial with regard to Italy’s political history, with the country’s involvement in two global wars and the period of fascist dictatorship between them. Taking into account the constraints and opportunities that were available in this context provides us with a more thorough understanding of some of the developments undergone by Italian statistics and of the complex situation in which evolved technocratic intellectuals such as Gini.

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