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Statistics and Demography: the Legacy of Corrado Gini, Corrado Crocetta Editor, ISBN 9788 8678 74521, CLEUP, Sept. 2015

Preface Untitled
Corrado Crocetta

PLEN 1 Corrado Gini and the course of Italian history

Corrado Gini and the course of Italian history PDF
Jean_Guy Prévost

PLEN 2 The Gini reveals more

A Potential Contradiction between Economic Theory and Applied Finance PDF
Shlomo Yitzhaki

PLEN 3 From Gini's approach to present day demography: "tempo effects" on demographic insights(?)

From Gini’s approach to present-day demography: “tempo effects” on demographic insights (?) PDF
Graziella Caselli

PLEN 4 Corrado Gini and income inequality

Gini, his contemporaries, and the modern measurement of income inequality PDF
Andrea Brandolini

PLEN 5 Official statistics: the legacy of Corrado Gini

Official Statistics: the Legacy of Corrado Gini PDF
Giorgio Alleva

SOLL M1_1 Spatial concentration

Economic inequality, spatial scale, and spatial concentration Untitled
Domenica Panzera, Paolo Postiglione
Demographic change, new business formation and spatial concentration of population PDF
Davide Piacentino
Testing the spatial concentration of Italian provincial urban structure using different geographical partitions PDF
Marco Ballin
The effect of location errors on distance-based measures of spatial concentration Untitled
Diego Giuliani, Simonetta Cozzi, Maria Michela Dickson, Giuseppe Espa

SOLL M1_2 Foreigners in the urban space: residential strategies and settlement patterns

Spatial patterns of main immigrant communities in some large cities in Italy Untitled
Federico Benassi, Fabio Lipizzi
Minority Segregation Processes in an Urban Context: a Comparison between Paris and Rome Untitled
Luisa Natale, Oliviero Casacchia, Gregory Verdugo
Ethnic segregation in a metropolitan area of Italy Untitled
Manuela Stranges, Annalisa Busetta, Angelo Mazza
Migrants settlement patterns in the city of Catania PDF
Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo

SOLL M1_3 Social capital and Inequalities. Measurements and Network perspective

Measuring Social Capital: Current Initiatives and Perspectives Untitled
Alessandra Righi
Network-based Sources of Social Capital. Evidence from the Italian Multipurpose Survey PDF
Viviana Amati, Silvia Meggiolaro, Giulia Rivellini, Susanna Zaccarin
Analysing social support personal networks of single mothers Untitled
Rosaria Lumino, Marijtje van Duijn
Social capital, civil society and health: the case of blood donors Untitled
stefano campostrini

SOLL M2_1 Multidimensional and longitudinal approach to the study of povertry

The contribution of income mobility to economic insecurity in the US and Spain during the Great Recession PDF
Olga Canto
The interrelationships between the Europe 2020 poverty and social exclusion indicators PDF
Sara Ayllón, András Gábos
Is there a dynamic relationship between income poverty and perceived financial difficulties? Untitled
Alessio Fusco
The effect of foreigners’ economic living conditions on self-perceived unmet medical needs Untitled
Annalisa Busetta

SOLL M2_2 Homogamy and heterogamy in couples’ formation

Pathways to couples’ first birth in Europe: the role of educational assortative mating Untitled
Alessandra Trimarchi, Jan Van Bavel
Determinants of social homogamy in 19th century Italian rural community Untitled
matteo manfredini
Transnational and Homogamous Couples in Italy: Gender Heterogeneities and Mate Selection Patterns Untitled
Giuseppe Gabrielli, Anna Paterno
Measuring partnership homogamy in Italy: old methods for new issues Untitled
Alessandra De Rose, Romina Fraboni

SOLL M2_3 Italian inequalities in education

Analysis of pupil’s achievments by means of bivariate mixed effect models PDF
Chiara Masci, Francesca Ieva, Tommaso Agasisti, Anna Maria Paganoni
A multistep approach to detect and correct the cheating in Italian students data. Untitled
Patrizia Falzetti, Sergio Longobardi, Paolo Sestito
Resilient students in four Italian cities: a probit analysis PDF
Tommaso Agasisti, Mara Soncin, Riccardo Valenti
Can Educational policies today change income inequality tomorrow ? Untitled
daniele checchi, stefano iacus, giuseppe porro

SOLL M2_4 Inequality measures and applications of the Gini index to social phenomena

The Median as Watershed PDF
Rolf Aaberge
Beyond the Gini index PDF
Pauline Mornet
Assessing heterogeneity in social interactions: the Gini-exposure index PDF
Francesco Andreoli
Another look on the generalized Gini social welfare functions PDF
Brice Magdalou

SOLL M3_1 Socio economics Inequality of health: methodological measure and approach

Material deprivation and health inequalities. Models to control the ecological fallacy. Untitled
Laura Grisotto, Annibale Biggeri
Socio-economic inequalities and health among grandparents: a life-course approach. Untitled
Giorgio Di Gessa, Karen Glaser, Anthea Tinker
Social ties and family support of disabled persons. Socio-economic and regional variations in Italy Untitled
Elena Pirani

SOLL M3_2 Impact evaluation of public policies

EU Cohesion Policy Funds and Job Quality: A Counterfactual Impact Evaluation with Linked Employer-Employee Data Untitled
Daniele bondonio, Teresa Farinha-Fernandes, Ricardo Mamede
European Structural Funds During the Crisis: Evidence from Southern Italy Untitled
guido de blasio
Public subsidies, TFP and Efficiency: a tale of complex relationships PDF
Cristina Bernini, Augusto Cerqua, Guido Pellegrini
Causal Effects of Retirement on the Housework Division in the Italian Couples PDF
antonino Di Pino, Maria Gabriella Campolo

SOLL M3_3 Network graphical models and relational data

A proposal for learning Bayesian networks from categorical variables PDF
Flaminia Musella
A Nonparametric Latent Space Model for Dynamic Relational Networks PDF
Isadora Antoniano-Villalobos, Maxim Nazarov, Sonia Petrone
Bayesian Regression with Network Predictors PDF
Daniele Durante, David B. Dunson

SOLL M4_1 Income distributions

The Multivariate Burr III copula with applications to income data PDF
Federica Nicolussi
Reparameterizations of Dagum Distribution PDF
Francesca Condino, Sabrina Giordano, Bozidar Popovic
Semi-parametric estimation of the rate of return to education PDF
Antonio Punzo
On the income distribution models and inequality curves PDF
Alberto Arcagni, Francesco Porro

SOLL M4_2 Statistics and Data Analysis for Public Policies

Corrado Gini’s contribution to estimates of military deaths in the First World War Untitled
Alessio Fornasin
Statistical information on the public administration Untitled
maria letizia d'autilia
“Il polso di Gini”: the controversy with Luzzatto Fegiz about opinion-polls Untitled
Achille Puggioni, Alberto Baffigi
Statisticians in local politics. The case of postwar Bologna. Untitled
Eloisa Betti, Giovanni Favero

SOLL M4_3 Social and spatial inequalities across Italian regions

A measure of bipolarization in labour productivity across Italian regions Untitled
Biancamaria Zavanella, Mauro Mussini, Paolo Mariani
A territorial reading of household change Untitled
Silvia Dardanelli, Mariangela Verrascina
Neet generation: amount and features of a growing phenomenon Untitled
Simona Mastroluca, Simone De Angelis, Alessandro Sasso
Labour Market Integration of the Migratory Generations: an Exploratory Analysis using Census Data Untitled
Federico Benassi, Evelina Paluzzi, Concettina Salleo, Salvatore Strozza

SOLL M4_4 Stats under the stars

A night of Statistics, problem solving, and teamwork PDF
Daniele Durante, Antonio Canale, Mariangela Guidolin, Livio Finos, Bruno Scarpa

SOLL M5_1 The role of Beta-distributions in statistical inference

A concise historical overview of Beta distribution and the contribution due to Corrado Gini in pointing out its primary role for solving probabilistic problems Untitled
Maurizio Brizzi
“Gini’s distribution”, regression models and network analysis: a case study Untitled
Luisa Stracqualursi
Probability and Inference in the Works of Corrado Gini Untitled
Benito Vittorio Frosini
Bayesian Beta regression for the estimation of the Gini concentration coefficient in small domains PDF
carlo Trivisano

SP M1_1 The measurement of income and wealth inequality

Comparative statistics on the distribution of household wealth: where do we stand? PDF
Marco Mira d’Ercole, Fabrice Murtin
Income Inequality and Opportunity Inequality in Europe: Recent Trends and Explaining Factors PDF
Daniele Checchi, Vito Peragine, Laura Serlenga
Living Standards, Inequality And Poverty Around The World, 1815-2015: A New Household Budget Approach PDF
Brian A'Hearn, Giovanni Vecchi

SP M1_2 Fecundity and infecundity

The Average Number of Children per Marriage, by Corrado Gini. Life and Times of an Honest Measure Untitled
fiorenzo rossi
How late can you wait? Uncovering the interplay between genetics, life course postponement and infertility Untitled
Nicola Barban
Pietro Manfredi

SP M1_3 Foundations of statistics

Hypotheses testing: is it good for science? PDF
Francesco Pauli
Gini and the theory of probability PDF
Eugenio Regazzini
To be, or not to be, that is the question PDF
Adelchi Azzalini

SP M2_2 From life table to mathematical functions for modelling survival and longevity

Up the Gamma-Gompertz curve with gun and camera Untitled
Gustavo De Santis, Giambattista Salinari
Life-Table vs Model-Based Mortality Measures PDF
Trifon Missov

SP M2_3 Life conditions, equity and sustainability

A PCA-AA approach to measure the equal and sustainable well-being in the Italian Regions Untitled
Miranda Cuffaro
Environment-society-economy: monitoring countries through cluster analysis over time Untitled
achille lemmi, Simone Bastianoni, Antonella D'Agostino, Andrea Regoli
The integration of different measures of poverty and social distress as key to design equity policies: the case of Italy Untitled
Linda Laura Sabbadini

SP M3_1 Multivariate indices of heterogeneity and data analysis

A review on heterogeneity test: some permutation procedures PDF
Stefano Bonnini, Eleonora Carrozzo, Luigi Salmaso
Gini heterogeneity index for detecting uncertainty in ordinal data surveys PDF
Stefania Capecchi, Maria Iannario
Data reduction for categorical data: an explained heterogeneity approach PDF
Alfonso Iodice D'Enza, Michel van de Velden

SP M4_1 Measurement of inequality and their decomposition

Overlapping Component and Inequality Decomposition: a Simulation Study for the Gini Index Untitled
Michele Costa
Classical inequality measurement and top incomes PDF
Christian Kleiber
Joint decomposition by subpopulations and sources of the Zenga inequality index I(Y) PDF
Michele Zenga

SP M4_2 Towards a plural society: characteristics, differential behaviors and inequalities between old and new Italians

The heritage from the past for analysing the present Untitled
Stefania Maria Lorenza Rimoldi
Migrants and inequality Untitled
Alfonso Rosolia
Residential segregation patterns of old and new Italians between dispersion and segregation. Untitled
Corrado Bonifazi, Frank Heins

SP M4_3 Social and health disparities

A new statistical approach for observing changing time of subgroups in health surveillance data PDF
Shireen Assaf

SP M5_1 Stochastic dominance criteria

Inverse Stochastic dominance, inequality measures and Gini index PDF
Pietro Muliere
Time Dominance for not too impatient decision makers PDF
Claudio Zoli

SP M5_2 Sex: the statistical point of view

Exploring the Variations of the Sex Ratio at Birth in an Historical Perspective Untitled
Francesco Scalone
Sex imbalances at birth in migratory context in Western Europe: evidence from Italy Untitled
Elena Ambrosetti
How Many More Missing Women? Excess Female Mortality and Prenatal Sex Selection, 1970–2050 Untitled
John Bongaarts, Christophe Guilmoto

SP M5_3 Estimation of poverty and inequality measures in complex sampling designs

On the linearization of some inequality indices under the randomized response theory PDF
Pier Francesco Perri, Giancarlo Diana
On the estimation of the concentration curve under complex sampling designs Untitled
Pier Luigi Conti, Alberto Di Iorio, Alessio Guandalini
The Legacy of Corrado Gini in Survey Sampling and Inequality Theory PDF
Yves Tillé

SP M6_1 Gini’s ideas in supervised classification

Recipes for sparse LDA of horizontal data PDF
Nickolay Trendafilov
Quantile-based classifiers PDF
Cinzia Viroli
Old solutions for new problems: one-class classification based on transvariation probability PDF
Francesca Fortunato, Angela Montanari

CPM1.1 Socio-economic vulnerability and poverty measures

How Can Households’ Vulnerability be Measured? The Added Value of Combined Methods PDF
Daniela Bonardo, Sara Casacci, Adriano Pareto, Marco Dionisio Terribili
Readiness of health facilities in Senegal for family planning services Untitled
Shireen Assaf
Gini’s delta to measure intensity of multidimensional performance Untitled
Silvia Terzi, Luca Moroni
Poverty, domestic conflict and violence: Georgia’s case Untitled
Mzia Shelia, Avtandil Sulaberidze

CPM1.2 Risk analysis

Entropy and systemic risk measures PDF
Michele Costola
Networks, pricing and diversification PDF
Massimiliano Caporin, Monica Billio, Loriana Pelizzon, Roberto Panzica
Sparse BGVAR models for Systemic Risk Analysis PDF
Roberto Casarin
Elena Zemlyanova, Alla Ivanova

CPM1.3 Time transfers by age and sex and determinants of childlessness in Italy and Europe

A SEM model to study childlessness determinants Untitled
Annalisa Donno
Modeling Time Transfers by Age and Sex: Evidence from Time Use Matrices PDF
Emilio Zagheni
Increasing childlessness in Europe: the contribution of changes in structure and propensity Untitled
Maria Letizia Tanturri, Pietro Mozzi
The Difficulty of Leaving Parental Home of Italian Young Adults during the Economic Crisis PDF
Emiliano Sironi, Alessandro Rosina

CPM1.4 Statistical measures of inequality

The Lorenz relation as intersection ordering of a class of inequality measure PDF
Lucio Bertoli-Barsotti, tommaso lando
Measuring perceived income inequality: an evaluation of different methods Untitled
Benjamin Schalembier
A simplicial approach to inequality measurement PDF
Lisa Crosato, Gianna Serafina Monti
Multidimensional inequality and well-being during the crisis: an application to EU-SILC longitudinal data Untitled
David Aristei

CPM2.1 Class of estimators

Bayesian nonparametric estimation of a generalized diversity index PDF
Annalisa Cerquetti
Percentile Estimators for Two Component Mixture Rayleigh Distribution Untitled
Ulku Erisoglu, Murat Erisoglu
On a class of smoothed Good–Turing estimators PDF
Stefano Favaro
Asymptotics of S-weighted estimators PDF
Jan Amos Visek

CPM2.2 Analysis of cultural and behavioral differences

Inequalities in Consumption Patterns over the Life Cycle and the Great Recession Untitled
A quantile approach to assess gender differences in financial literacy among Italian students Untitled
Sergio Longobardi, Margherita Maria Pagliuca
Clustering of Italian Families across Population Censuses: A tempo-spatial exploration PDF
Daniele Vignoli, Marcantonio Caltabiano, Emanuela Dreassi, Emiali Rocco
Resident’s Perceptions of Tourism Influence on Quality of Life: a Multilevel approach. Untitled
Anna Maria Parroco, Mauro Ferrante, Antonino Mario Oliveri

CPM2.3 Different uses of the Gini index

Aberration of three-level factorial designs and the Gini index PDF
roberto fontana, fabio rapallo, maria piera rogantin
Bootstrapping the Gini Index of the Network Freeman Degree PDF
Carlo Drago, Roberto Ricciuti
More on the mean difference of continuous distributive models PDF
antonella / massari, giovanni / girone, dante / mazzitelli
The mean difference of dscrete distibution models Untitled
Fabio Manca, Angela Maria D'Uggento, Giovanni Girone

CPM2.4 Statistical methods for the analysis of labour market and health systems

Statistical Process Control for Healthcare Improvement: a Case Study Untitled
Mariarosaria Apreda, Ulrich Wienand, Giorgia Valpiani, Michele Scagliarini
Labour policies for youth employment: the role of apprenticeship Untitled
Giuliana Coccia, Alessandra Righi
Population geocoding for healthcare management. Technical challenges and quality issues PDF
Paolo Carnà, Mauro Ferrante, Alfredo Pontillo, Alessandro Migliardi, Salvatore Scondotto
Employment forecasts: subjective expectations and the economic crisis 3523-7436 caricato
Paolo Mariani, Biancamaria Zavanella, Matteo Maria Pelagatti

CPM3.1 Clustering methods

Dimension Reduction by Brass’ Relational Model: Household Dynamics in Five European Countries Untitled
Nico Keilman
Clustering and Classification methods for an experimental study on prion diseases. PDF
Giorgia Rocco, Luca Tardella, Michele Di Bari, Romolo Nonno, Maria Puopolo
Clustering of damage variables for masonry buildings measured after L’Aquila earthquake PDF
Carlo Drago, Rachele Ferlito, Maria Zucconi
A Novel Dimension Reduction Approach for Mixture Discriminant Analysis of the High-Dimensional Data Untitled
Murat Erisoglu, Ulku Erisoglu

CPM3.2 Analysis of demographic phenomena: mortality and mobility

Location-scale models in demography: a generalization of the parametric models of mortality PDF
Ugofilippo Basellini, Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Adam Lenart
Social Mobility and Mortality in southern Sweden (1813-1910) Untitled
Paolo Emilio Cardone
Attempts on Measurement and Visualisation of International Circular Migration Untitled
Sándor Illés
Georgian Migration Data Harmonization with European Standards PDF
Shorena Tsiklauri, Avtandil Sulaberidze, Nino Gomelauri

CPM3.3 Analysis of consumer preferences and satisfaction

Food Choice And Sustainable Attributes. Empirical Evidences And Policy Implications Untitled
Paola Mancini, Mariarosaria Simeone, Andrea Marchini
The anchoring vignette approach to measure customer satisfaction PDF
Omar Paccagnella, Mariangela Guidolin, Giada Derboni, Teresa Bago d'Uva
Perceived Value in Tourism: A PLSPM Approach Untitled
Daria Mendola, Aurelio Scaglione
Tourism market segmentation of Italian families for the summer season Untitled
Livia Celardo, Domenica Fioredistella Iezzi

CPM4.1 Some uses of the Gini indices

Using Lorenz Curves and the Gini Index to Depict Inequality and Segregation for Multiple Groups Untitled
Glenn Firebaugh, Francesco Acciai
A class of income polarization measures based on the Gini index PDF
Chiara Gigliarano, Daniel Nowak, Karl Mosler
An implementation of the Gini concentration ratio decomposition by sources Untitled
Angela Maria D'Uggento
Small-sample inference on measures of concordance for the Gaussian bivariate copula with emphasis on Gini's gamma index PDF
Valentina Mameli, Alessandra Rosalba Brazzale

CPM4.2 Statistical tools to analyze socio-economic data

CoImp R package: copula-based multivariate imputation PDF
F. Marta L. Di Lascio, Simone Giannerini
A cross-country study of GRI reporting: a concentration and multivariate regression analysis Untitled
Margaret Antonicelli, Calace Donato, Domenico Morrone, Angeloantonio Russo
A nonparametric measure of riskness in financial systems PDF
Francesca Parpinel, Claudio Pizzi
Cruise passengers’ trajectories at destination. A Dynamic Time Warping approach PDF
Mauro Ferrante, Christian Bongiorno, Noam Shoval

CPM4.3 Analysis of demographic phenomena

Survival and the Gini Concentration Index PDF
Chiara Gigliarano, Marco Bonetti
Culturally close? Easier said than measured Untitled
Gustavo De Santis, Massimo Mucciardi
Demography of religion – the example of New Zealand Untitled
Barry William McDonald
Selective Abortions in Georgia Untitled
Avtandil Sulaberidze, Giorgi Tsuladze, Tamar Shinjiashvili, Badri Kutelia

CPM4.4 Composite indices and estimation methods

On the Construction of Composite Indices by Principal Components Analysis Untitled
Matteo Mazziotta, Adriano Pareto
Robust Estimation of Skew-normal Parameters with Application to Outlier Labelling PDF
Mario Romanazzi
New Methods to Estimate the Biasing Parameters Used in Liu-type Logistic Regression: An Application to Data of Bankruptcy of Turkish Banks during the Asian Financial Crisis Untitled
Yasin Asar, Adnan Karaibrahimoğlu
Higher order construct PLS-PM for Social Composite Indicators Untitled
Rosanna Cataldo, Maria Gabriella Grassia, Natale Carlo Lauro, Marina Marino

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