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PLEN 4 Corrado Gini and income inequality

Gini, his contemporaries, and the modern measurement of income inequality PDF
Andrea Brandolini

SOLL M1_1 Spatial concentration

Testing the spatial concentration of Italian provincial urban structure using different geographical partitions PDF
Marco Ballin

SOLL M1_2 Foreigners in the urban space: residential strategies and settlement patterns

Spatial patterns of main immigrant communities in some large cities in Italy Untitled
Federico Benassi, Fabio Lipizzi
Ethnic segregation in a metropolitan area of Italy Untitled
Manuela Stranges, Annalisa Busetta, Angelo Mazza

SOLL M2_1 Multidimensional and longitudinal approach to the study of povertry

The effect of foreigners’ economic living conditions on self-perceived unmet medical needs Untitled
Annalisa Busetta

SOLL M3_1 Socio economics Inequality of health: methodological measure and approach

Material deprivation and health inequalities. Models to control the ecological fallacy. Untitled
Laura Grisotto, Annibale Biggeri

SOLL M3_2 Impact evaluation of public policies

EU Cohesion Policy Funds and Job Quality: A Counterfactual Impact Evaluation with Linked Employer-Employee Data Untitled
Daniele bondonio, Teresa Farinha-Fernandes, Ricardo Mamede
Public subsidies, TFP and Efficiency: a tale of complex relationships PDF
Cristina Bernini, Augusto Cerqua, Guido Pellegrini

SOLL M4_2 Statistics and Data Analysis for Public Policies

“Il polso di Gini”: the controversy with Luzzatto Fegiz about opinion-polls Untitled
Achille Puggioni, Alberto Baffigi
Statisticians in local politics. The case of postwar Bologna. Untitled
Eloisa Betti, Giovanni Favero

SOLL M4_3 Social and spatial inequalities across Italian regions

Labour Market Integration of the Migratory Generations: an Exploratory Analysis using Census Data Untitled
Federico Benassi, Evelina Paluzzi, Concettina Salleo, Salvatore Strozza

SOLL M5_1 The role of Beta-distributions in statistical inference

A concise historical overview of Beta distribution and the contribution due to Corrado Gini in pointing out its primary role for solving probabilistic problems Untitled
Maurizio Brizzi

SP M1_2 Fecundity and infecundity

How late can you wait? Uncovering the interplay between genetics, life course postponement and infertility Untitled
Nicola Barban

SP M2_3 Life conditions, equity and sustainability

Environment-society-economy: monitoring countries through cluster analysis over time Untitled
achille lemmi, Simone Bastianoni, Antonella D'Agostino, Andrea Regoli

SP M3_1 Multivariate indices of heterogeneity and data analysis

A review on heterogeneity test: some permutation procedures PDF
Stefano Bonnini, Eleonora Carrozzo, Luigi Salmaso

SP M4_2 Towards a plural society: characteristics, differential behaviors and inequalities between old and new Italians

Residential segregation patterns of old and new Italians between dispersion and segregation. Untitled
Corrado Bonifazi, Frank Heins

SP M5_2 Sex: the statistical point of view

How Many More Missing Women? Excess Female Mortality and Prenatal Sex Selection, 1970–2050 Untitled
John Bongaarts, Christophe Guilmoto

CPM1.1 Socio-economic vulnerability and poverty measures

How Can Households’ Vulnerability be Measured? The Added Value of Combined Methods PDF
Daniela Bonardo, Sara Casacci, Adriano Pareto, Marco Dionisio Terribili

CPM1.2 Risk analysis

Networks, pricing and diversification PDF
Massimiliano Caporin, Monica Billio, Loriana Pelizzon, Roberto Panzica

CPM1.4 Statistical measures of inequality

The Lorenz relation as intersection ordering of a class of inequality measure PDF
Lucio Bertoli-Barsotti, tommaso lando

CPM3.2 Analysis of demographic phenomena: mortality and mobility

Location-scale models in demography: a generalization of the parametric models of mortality PDF
Ugofilippo Basellini, Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Adam Lenart

CPM3.3 Analysis of consumer preferences and satisfaction

The anchoring vignette approach to measure customer satisfaction PDF
Omar Paccagnella, Mariangela Guidolin, Giada Derboni, Teresa Bago d'Uva

CPM4.1 Some uses of the Gini indices

Small-sample inference on measures of concordance for the Gaussian bivariate copula with emphasis on Gini's gamma index PDF
Valentina Mameli, Alessandra Rosalba Brazzale

CPM4.2 Statistical tools to analyze socio-economic data

Cruise passengers’ trajectories at destination. A Dynamic Time Warping approach PDF
Mauro Ferrante, Christian Bongiorno, Noam Shoval

CPM4.3 Analysis of demographic phenomena

Survival and the Gini Concentration Index PDF
Chiara Gigliarano, Marco Bonetti

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