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Statistics and Demography: the Legacy of Corrado Gini, Corrado Crocetta Editor, ISBN 9788 8678 74521, CLEUP, Sept. 2015

Preface Untitled
Corrado Crocetta

PLEN 3 From Gini's approach to present day demography: "tempo effects" on demographic insights(?)

From Gini’s approach to present-day demography: “tempo effects” on demographic insights (?) PDF
Graziella Caselli

SOLL M1_1 Spatial concentration

The effect of location errors on distance-based measures of spatial concentration Untitled
Diego Giuliani, Simonetta Cozzi, Maria Michela Dickson, Giuseppe Espa

SOLL M1_2 Foreigners in the urban space: residential strategies and settlement patterns

Minority Segregation Processes in an Urban Context: a Comparison between Paris and Rome Untitled
Luisa Natale, Oliviero Casacchia, Gregory Verdugo

SOLL M1_3 Social capital and Inequalities. Measurements and Network perspective

Social capital, civil society and health: the case of blood donors Untitled
stefano campostrini

SOLL M2_1 Multidimensional and longitudinal approach to the study of povertry

The contribution of income mobility to economic insecurity in the US and Spain during the Great Recession PDF
Olga Canto

SOLL M2_3 Italian inequalities in education

Can Educational policies today change income inequality tomorrow ? Untitled
daniele checchi, stefano iacus, giuseppe porro

SOLL M3_2 Impact evaluation of public policies

Public subsidies, TFP and Efficiency: a tale of complex relationships PDF
Cristina Bernini, Augusto Cerqua, Guido Pellegrini
Causal Effects of Retirement on the Housework Division in the Italian Couples PDF
antonino Di Pino, Maria Gabriella Campolo

SOLL M4_1 Income distributions

Reparameterizations of Dagum Distribution PDF
Francesca Condino, Sabrina Giordano, Bozidar Popovic

SOLL M4_4 Stats under the stars

A night of Statistics, problem solving, and teamwork PDF
Daniele Durante, Antonio Canale, Mariangela Guidolin, Livio Finos, Bruno Scarpa

SP M1_1 The measurement of income and wealth inequality

Income Inequality and Opportunity Inequality in Europe: Recent Trends and Explaining Factors PDF
Daniele Checchi, Vito Peragine, Laura Serlenga

SP M2_3 Life conditions, equity and sustainability

A PCA-AA approach to measure the equal and sustainable well-being in the Italian Regions Untitled
Miranda Cuffaro

SP M3_1 Multivariate indices of heterogeneity and data analysis

A review on heterogeneity test: some permutation procedures PDF
Stefano Bonnini, Eleonora Carrozzo, Luigi Salmaso
Gini heterogeneity index for detecting uncertainty in ordinal data surveys PDF
Stefania Capecchi, Maria Iannario

SP M4_1 Measurement of inequality and their decomposition

Overlapping Component and Inequality Decomposition: a Simulation Study for the Gini Index Untitled
Michele Costa

SP M5_3 Estimation of poverty and inequality measures in complex sampling designs

On the estimation of the concentration curve under complex sampling designs Untitled
Pier Luigi Conti, Alberto Di Iorio, Alessio Guandalini

CPM1.1 Socio-economic vulnerability and poverty measures

How Can Households’ Vulnerability be Measured? The Added Value of Combined Methods PDF
Daniela Bonardo, Sara Casacci, Adriano Pareto, Marco Dionisio Terribili

CPM1.2 Risk analysis

Entropy and systemic risk measures PDF
Michele Costola
Networks, pricing and diversification PDF
Massimiliano Caporin, Monica Billio, Loriana Pelizzon, Roberto Panzica
Sparse BGVAR models for Systemic Risk Analysis PDF
Roberto Casarin

CPM1.4 Statistical measures of inequality

A simplicial approach to inequality measurement PDF
Lisa Crosato, Gianna Serafina Monti

CPM2.1 Class of estimators

Bayesian nonparametric estimation of a generalized diversity index PDF
Annalisa Cerquetti

CPM2.2 Analysis of cultural and behavioral differences

Inequalities in Consumption Patterns over the Life Cycle and the Great Recession Untitled
Clustering of Italian Families across Population Censuses: A tempo-spatial exploration PDF
Daniele Vignoli, Marcantonio Caltabiano, Emanuela Dreassi, Emiali Rocco

CPM2.4 Statistical methods for the analysis of labour market and health systems

Labour policies for youth employment: the role of apprenticeship Untitled
Giuliana Coccia, Alessandra Righi
Population geocoding for healthcare management. Technical challenges and quality issues PDF
Paolo Carnà, Mauro Ferrante, Alfredo Pontillo, Alessandro Migliardi, Salvatore Scondotto

CPM3.2 Analysis of demographic phenomena: mortality and mobility

Location-scale models in demography: a generalization of the parametric models of mortality PDF
Ugofilippo Basellini, Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Adam Lenart
Social Mobility and Mortality in southern Sweden (1813-1910) Untitled
Paolo Emilio Cardone

CPM3.3 Analysis of consumer preferences and satisfaction

Tourism market segmentation of Italian families for the summer season Untitled
Livia Celardo, Domenica Fioredistella Iezzi

CPM4.4 Composite indices and estimation methods

Higher order construct PLS-PM for Social Composite Indicators Untitled
Rosanna Cataldo, Maria Gabriella Grassia, Natale Carlo Lauro, Marina Marino

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