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SOLL M2_1 Multidimensional and longitudinal approach to the study of povertry

Is there a dynamic relationship between income poverty and perceived financial difficulties? Untitled
Alessio Fusco

SOLL M2_2 Homogamy and heterogamy in couples’ formation

Measuring partnership homogamy in Italy: old methods for new issues Untitled
Alessandra De Rose, Romina Fraboni

SOLL M2_3 Italian inequalities in education

A multistep approach to detect and correct the cheating in Italian students data. Untitled
Patrizia Falzetti, Sergio Longobardi, Paolo Sestito

SOLL M3_2 Impact evaluation of public policies

EU Cohesion Policy Funds and Job Quality: A Counterfactual Impact Evaluation with Linked Employer-Employee Data Untitled
Daniele bondonio, Teresa Farinha-Fernandes, Ricardo Mamede

SOLL M4_2 Statistics and Data Analysis for Public Policies

Corrado Gini’s contribution to estimates of military deaths in the First World War Untitled
Alessio Fornasin
Statisticians in local politics. The case of postwar Bologna. Untitled
Eloisa Betti, Giovanni Favero

SOLL M4_4 Stats under the stars

A night of Statistics, problem solving, and teamwork PDF
Daniele Durante, Antonio Canale, Mariangela Guidolin, Livio Finos, Bruno Scarpa

SOLL M5_1 The role of Beta-distributions in statistical inference

Probability and Inference in the Works of Corrado Gini Untitled
Benito Vittorio Frosini

SP M6_1 Gini’s ideas in supervised classification

Old solutions for new problems: one-class classification based on transvariation probability PDF
Francesca Fortunato, Angela Montanari

CPM2.1 Class of estimators

On a class of smoothed Good–Turing estimators PDF
Stefano Favaro

CPM2.2 Analysis of cultural and behavioral differences

Resident’s Perceptions of Tourism Influence on Quality of Life: a Multilevel approach. Untitled
Anna Maria Parroco, Mauro Ferrante, Antonino Mario Oliveri

CPM2.3 Different uses of the Gini index

Aberration of three-level factorial designs and the Gini index PDF
roberto fontana, fabio rapallo, maria piera rogantin

CPM2.4 Statistical methods for the analysis of labour market and health systems

Population geocoding for healthcare management. Technical challenges and quality issues PDF
Paolo Carnà, Mauro Ferrante, Alfredo Pontillo, Alessandro Migliardi, Salvatore Scondotto

CPM3.1 Clustering methods

Clustering of damage variables for masonry buildings measured after L’Aquila earthquake PDF
Carlo Drago, Rachele Ferlito, Maria Zucconi

CPM4.1 Some uses of the Gini indices

Using Lorenz Curves and the Gini Index to Depict Inequality and Segregation for Multiple Groups Untitled
Glenn Firebaugh, Francesco Acciai

CPM4.2 Statistical tools to analyze socio-economic data

Cruise passengers’ trajectories at destination. A Dynamic Time Warping approach PDF
Mauro Ferrante, Christian Bongiorno, Noam Shoval

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