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SOLL M1_2 Foreigners in the urban space: residential strategies and settlement patterns

Ethnic segregation in a metropolitan area of Italy Untitled
Manuela Stranges, Annalisa Busetta, Angelo Mazza
Migrants settlement patterns in the city of Catania PDF
Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo

SOLL M1_3 Social capital and Inequalities. Measurements and Network perspective

Network-based Sources of Social Capital. Evidence from the Italian Multipurpose Survey PDF
Viviana Amati, Silvia Meggiolaro, Giulia Rivellini, Susanna Zaccarin

SOLL M2_2 Homogamy and heterogamy in couples’ formation

Determinants of social homogamy in 19th century Italian rural community Untitled
matteo manfredini

SOLL M2_3 Italian inequalities in education

Analysis of pupil’s achievments by means of bivariate mixed effect models PDF
Chiara Masci, Francesca Ieva, Tommaso Agasisti, Anna Maria Paganoni

SOLL M2_4 Inequality measures and applications of the Gini index to social phenomena

Beyond the Gini index PDF
Pauline Mornet
Another look on the generalized Gini social welfare functions PDF
Brice Magdalou

SOLL M3_2 Impact evaluation of public policies

EU Cohesion Policy Funds and Job Quality: A Counterfactual Impact Evaluation with Linked Employer-Employee Data Untitled
Daniele bondonio, Teresa Farinha-Fernandes, Ricardo Mamede

SOLL M3_3 Network graphical models and relational data

A proposal for learning Bayesian networks from categorical variables PDF
Flaminia Musella

SOLL M4_3 Social and spatial inequalities across Italian regions

A measure of bipolarization in labour productivity across Italian regions Untitled
Biancamaria Zavanella, Mauro Mussini, Paolo Mariani
Neet generation: amount and features of a growing phenomenon Untitled
Simona Mastroluca, Simone De Angelis, Alessandro Sasso

SP M1_1 The measurement of income and wealth inequality

Comparative statistics on the distribution of household wealth: where do we stand? PDF
Marco Mira d’Ercole, Fabrice Murtin

SP M1_2 Fecundity and infecundity

Pietro Manfredi

SP M2_2 From life table to mathematical functions for modelling survival and longevity

Life-Table vs Model-Based Mortality Measures PDF
Trifon Missov

SP M5_1 Stochastic dominance criteria

Inverse Stochastic dominance, inequality measures and Gini index PDF
Pietro Muliere

SP M6_1 Gini’s ideas in supervised classification

Old solutions for new problems: one-class classification based on transvariation probability PDF
Francesca Fortunato, Angela Montanari

CPM1.1 Socio-economic vulnerability and poverty measures

Gini’s delta to measure intensity of multidimensional performance Untitled
Silvia Terzi, Luca Moroni

CPM1.3 Time transfers by age and sex and determinants of childlessness in Italy and Europe

Increasing childlessness in Europe: the contribution of changes in structure and propensity Untitled
Maria Letizia Tanturri, Pietro Mozzi

CPM1.4 Statistical measures of inequality

A simplicial approach to inequality measurement PDF
Lisa Crosato, Gianna Serafina Monti

CPM2.3 Different uses of the Gini index

More on the mean difference of continuous distributive models PDF
antonella / massari, giovanni / girone, dante / mazzitelli
The mean difference of dscrete distibution models Untitled
Fabio Manca, Angela Maria D'Uggento, Giovanni Girone

CPM2.4 Statistical methods for the analysis of labour market and health systems

Population geocoding for healthcare management. Technical challenges and quality issues PDF
Paolo Carnà, Mauro Ferrante, Alfredo Pontillo, Alessandro Migliardi, Salvatore Scondotto
Employment forecasts: subjective expectations and the economic crisis 3523-7436 caricato
Paolo Mariani, Biancamaria Zavanella, Matteo Maria Pelagatti

CPM3.3 Analysis of consumer preferences and satisfaction

Food Choice And Sustainable Attributes. Empirical Evidences And Policy Implications Untitled
Paola Mancini, Mariarosaria Simeone, Andrea Marchini
Perceived Value in Tourism: A PLSPM Approach Untitled
Daria Mendola, Aurelio Scaglione

CPM4.1 Some uses of the Gini indices

A class of income polarization measures based on the Gini index PDF
Chiara Gigliarano, Daniel Nowak, Karl Mosler
Small-sample inference on measures of concordance for the Gaussian bivariate copula with emphasis on Gini's gamma index PDF
Valentina Mameli, Alessandra Rosalba Brazzale

CPM4.2 Statistical tools to analyze socio-economic data

A cross-country study of GRI reporting: a concentration and multivariate regression analysis Untitled
Margaret Antonicelli, Calace Donato, Domenico Morrone, Angeloantonio Russo

CPM4.3 Analysis of demographic phenomena

Culturally close? Easier said than measured Untitled
Gustavo De Santis, Massimo Mucciardi
Demography of religion – the example of New Zealand Untitled
Barry William McDonald

CPM4.4 Composite indices and estimation methods

On the Construction of Composite Indices by Principal Components Analysis Untitled
Matteo Mazziotta, Adriano Pareto
Higher order construct PLS-PM for Social Composite Indicators Untitled
Rosanna Cataldo, Maria Gabriella Grassia, Natale Carlo Lauro, Marina Marino

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