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SOLL M1_3 Social capital and Inequalities. Measurements and Network perspective

Measuring Social Capital: Current Initiatives and Perspectives Untitled
Alessandra Righi
Network-based Sources of Social Capital. Evidence from the Italian Multipurpose Survey PDF
Viviana Amati, Silvia Meggiolaro, Giulia Rivellini, Susanna Zaccarin

SP M1_2 Fecundity and infecundity

The Average Number of Children per Marriage, by Corrado Gini. Life and Times of an Honest Measure Untitled
fiorenzo rossi

SP M1_3 Foundations of statistics

Gini and the theory of probability PDF
Eugenio Regazzini

SP M2_3 Life conditions, equity and sustainability

Environment-society-economy: monitoring countries through cluster analysis over time Untitled
achille lemmi, Simone Bastianoni, Antonella D'Agostino, Andrea Regoli

SP M4_2 Towards a plural society: characteristics, differential behaviors and inequalities between old and new Italians

The heritage from the past for analysing the present Untitled
Stefania Maria Lorenza Rimoldi
Migrants and inequality Untitled
Alfonso Rosolia

CPM1.3 Time transfers by age and sex and determinants of childlessness in Italy and Europe

The Difficulty of Leaving Parental Home of Italian Young Adults during the Economic Crisis PDF
Emiliano Sironi, Alessandro Rosina

CPM2.2 Analysis of cultural and behavioral differences

Clustering of Italian Families across Population Censuses: A tempo-spatial exploration PDF
Daniele Vignoli, Marcantonio Caltabiano, Emanuela Dreassi, Emiali Rocco

CPM2.3 Different uses of the Gini index

Aberration of three-level factorial designs and the Gini index PDF
roberto fontana, fabio rapallo, maria piera rogantin
Bootstrapping the Gini Index of the Network Freeman Degree PDF
Carlo Drago, Roberto Ricciuti

CPM2.4 Statistical methods for the analysis of labour market and health systems

Labour policies for youth employment: the role of apprenticeship Untitled
Giuliana Coccia, Alessandra Righi

CPM3.1 Clustering methods

Clustering and Classification methods for an experimental study on prion diseases. PDF
Giorgia Rocco, Luca Tardella, Michele Di Bari, Romolo Nonno, Maria Puopolo

CPM4.2 Statistical tools to analyze socio-economic data

A cross-country study of GRI reporting: a concentration and multivariate regression analysis Untitled
Margaret Antonicelli, Calace Donato, Domenico Morrone, Angeloantonio Russo

CPM4.4 Composite indices and estimation methods

Robust Estimation of Skew-normal Parameters with Application to Outlier Labelling PDF
Mario Romanazzi

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