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SOLL M2_2 Homogamy and heterogamy in couples’ formation

Pathways to couples’ first birth in Europe: the role of educational assortative mating Untitled
Alessandra Trimarchi, Jan Van Bavel

SOLL M3_1 Socio economics Inequality of health: methodological measure and approach

Socio-economic inequalities and health among grandparents: a life-course approach. Untitled
Giorgio Di Gessa, Karen Glaser, Anthea Tinker

SOLL M5_1 The role of Beta-distributions in statistical inference

Bayesian Beta regression for the estimation of the Gini concentration coefficient in small domains PDF
carlo Trivisano

SP M5_3 Estimation of poverty and inequality measures in complex sampling designs

The Legacy of Corrado Gini in Survey Sampling and Inequality Theory PDF
Yves Tillé

SP M6_1 Gini’s ideas in supervised classification

Recipes for sparse LDA of horizontal data PDF
Nickolay Trendafilov

CPM1.1 Socio-economic vulnerability and poverty measures

How Can Households’ Vulnerability be Measured? The Added Value of Combined Methods PDF
Daniela Bonardo, Sara Casacci, Adriano Pareto, Marco Dionisio Terribili
Gini’s delta to measure intensity of multidimensional performance Untitled
Silvia Terzi, Luca Moroni

CPM1.3 Time transfers by age and sex and determinants of childlessness in Italy and Europe

Increasing childlessness in Europe: the contribution of changes in structure and propensity Untitled
Maria Letizia Tanturri, Pietro Mozzi

CPM3.1 Clustering methods

Clustering and Classification methods for an experimental study on prion diseases. PDF
Giorgia Rocco, Luca Tardella, Michele Di Bari, Romolo Nonno, Maria Puopolo

CPM3.2 Analysis of demographic phenomena: mortality and mobility

Georgian Migration Data Harmonization with European Standards PDF
Shorena Tsiklauri, Avtandil Sulaberidze, Nino Gomelauri

CPM4.3 Analysis of demographic phenomena

Selective Abortions in Georgia Untitled
Avtandil Sulaberidze, Giorgi Tsuladze, Tamar Shinjiashvili, Badri Kutelia

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