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SOLL M1_2 Foreigners in the urban space: residential strategies and settlement patterns

Minority Segregation Processes in an Urban Context: a Comparison between Paris and Rome Untitled
Luisa Natale, Oliviero Casacchia, Gregory Verdugo

SOLL M1_3 Social capital and Inequalities. Measurements and Network perspective

Analysing social support personal networks of single mothers Untitled
Rosaria Lumino, Marijtje van Duijn

SOLL M2_2 Homogamy and heterogamy in couples’ formation

Pathways to couples’ first birth in Europe: the role of educational assortative mating Untitled
Alessandra Trimarchi, Jan Van Bavel

SOLL M2_3 Italian inequalities in education

Resilient students in four Italian cities: a probit analysis PDF
Tommaso Agasisti, Mara Soncin, Riccardo Valenti

SOLL M4_3 Social and spatial inequalities across Italian regions

A territorial reading of household change Untitled
Silvia Dardanelli, Mariangela Verrascina

SP M1_1 The measurement of income and wealth inequality

Living Standards, Inequality And Poverty Around The World, 1815-2015: A New Household Budget Approach PDF
Brian A'Hearn, Giovanni Vecchi

SP M3_1 Multivariate indices of heterogeneity and data analysis

Data reduction for categorical data: an explained heterogeneity approach PDF
Alfonso Iodice D'Enza, Michel van de Velden

SP M6_1 Gini’s ideas in supervised classification

Quantile-based classifiers PDF
Cinzia Viroli

CPM2.1 Class of estimators

Asymptotics of S-weighted estimators PDF
Jan Amos Visek

CPM2.2 Analysis of cultural and behavioral differences

Clustering of Italian Families across Population Censuses: A tempo-spatial exploration PDF
Daniele Vignoli, Marcantonio Caltabiano, Emanuela Dreassi, Emiali Rocco

CPM2.4 Statistical methods for the analysis of labour market and health systems

Statistical Process Control for Healthcare Improvement: a Case Study Untitled
Mariarosaria Apreda, Ulrich Wienand, Giorgia Valpiani, Michele Scagliarini

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