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Scientific Committee

Chair: Alessandro Fassò, Università di Bergamo

Emanuele Barca, IRSA-CNR

Barbara Cafarelli, Università di Foggia

Lorenzo Fattorini, Università di Siena

Angela Ferruzza, ISTAT

Francesco Finazzi, Università di Bergamo

Giovanna Jona Lasinio, Università di Roma Sapienza

Antonello Maruotti, Università di Roma Tre

Jorge Mateu, Universitat Jaume I

Lucia Paci, Università di Bologna

Alessandra Petrucci, Università di Firenze

Alessio Pollice, Università di Bari

Wolfgang Schmid, Europa - Universität Viadrina


Organizing Committee

Chair: Alessio Pollice, Università di Bari

Barbara Cafarelli, Università di Foggia

Crescenza Calculli, Università di Bari

Maria Pia Circella, Università di Bari

Francesco Finazzi, Università di Bergamo

Nunziata Ribecco, Università di Bari


Venue and travel information

The main conference venue will be the hall of frescoes at Palazzo Ateneo in Piazza Umberto I.

Palazzo Ateneo is located in the center of the city of Bari, very close to the railway station and to transport and hotels facilities (map).

Palazzo Ateneo is the historical building of Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro and is currently the location of the Dean and the main administration offices and of some humanities departments.

The Bari International Airport Aeroporto di Bari "Karol Wojtyla" has regular and low-cost flights to many Italian and European destinations. It is about 10 km far from the city center that can be easily reached by train, bus or taxi.


Connected event


Conference topics

  • spatial and spatio-temporal modelling
  • functional data analysis
  • directional data
  • latent variable models
  • spatial and spatio-temporal sampling
  • extreme values
  • air quality
  • groundwater pollution and hydrology
  • soil science and site remediation
  • forestry and landscape analysis
  • climatology and meteorology
  • ecology and biodiversity
  • agriculture and natural resources management
  • disease epidemics
  • seismic risk
  • official statistics



Early - Before 30 April

Conference fees
  • Regular fee, 160 €
  • SIS/TIES members, 120 €
  • Students, 125 €
  • SIS/TIES student members, 95 €
Short course fees
  • Regular fee, 75
  • SIS/TIES members, 65
Late - After 30 April

Conference fees
  • Regular fee, 180 €
  • SIS/TIES members, 140 €
  • Students, 145 €
  • SIS/TIES student members, 115 €

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Conference fees include conference material, four coffee breaks, two lunch breaks and the social dinner.

Short course fees include course material, two coffee breaks and one lunch break.

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Short course

An introduction to flexible regression for environmental data

17 June, 2015

Summary: Environmental data are often characterised by spatial, temporal and seasonal patterns which are smooth but non-linear in shape. There is a wide variety of approaches to building models which are sufficiently flexible to capture these patterns and some of these will be explored in the course. The emphasis will be on regression approaches which allow the inclusion of additional covariates. Topics will include standard methods of constructing curve and surface representations and the use of additive models, but will also include simple Gaussian process and Bayesian approaches. The level will be introductory, suitable for postgraduate students new to the topics, and the style will emphasise conceptual and modelling issues. A variety of datasets will be considered, with strong emphasis on practical work in R.

  • Lecturer: Adrian Bowman, University of Glasgow.
  • Class assistance: Marnie McLean, University of Glasgow.

Course schedule:

  • Morning Session 1 - methods of flexible regression (1,2,3 dimensions)
  • Morning Session 2 - spatial and spatiotemporal data
  • Afternoon Session 3 - additive models
  • Afternoon Session 4 - Gaussian Process and other models

Please note that:

  • closing time is 5.00 PM;
  • short course fees (Regular, 75 €; SIS/TIES members, 65 €) include lunch and two coffee breaks;
  • short course registrations are done choosing the appropriate registration option in the conference registration form;
  • in terms of pre-requisites, the short course is planned to be accessible to those with an understanding of statistical methods in general but will not assume much about specific topics;
  • the style will be to focus on concepts and on practical use;
  • during the short course every participant should have his/her own laptop with R installed;
  • R packages will be installed over the internet or from memory stick;
  • the course material will be available on the web for course participants after the event;
  • there is no preparatory work required for participants to undertake in advance;
  • we require a minimum of 10 students to run the short course and will offer a full refund if this minimum student number is not reached.

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