METMA VII – GRASPA14, Torino 10th-12th September 2014

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University of Torino, Italy

Torino, IT

September 10, 2014 – September 12, 2014

The joint meeting METMA VII - GRASPA14 is an opportunity to bring together two communities with common research interests, such as the development and use of statistical methods in the environmental sciences. These research aims are at the cornerstone of TIES, for which the meeting will also be a TIES regional conference. METMA VII will be the Seventh International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Modelling, while GRASPA14 represents the 2014 meeting of the Research Group for Statistical Applications to Environmental Problems (

This meeting will have plenary, invited and contributed sessions. Note that there are no parallel sessions. An extensive poster session will be held as well.

Conference topics include:

  • development and application of spatial and spatio-temporal statistical methods in different fields related to environmental and health sciences,
  • environmental quality, safety and sustainability including air and water quality, epidemiology, earth science and ecology,
  • functional data analysis, spatial and spatio-temporal sampling and extreme values.

Location:Campus Luigi Einaudi, University of Torino (IT)

About the host department: Department of Economics and Statistics “Cognetti de Martiis”

Crowned by the majestic Alps, Torino is packed with palaces and piazzas, great museums, cafés and restaurants. Torino also has an enviable food and wine tradition! See Turismo Torino .

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