IES 2015 - Innovation and Society (Innovazione e società)

University of Bari "Aldo Moro"

July 8, 2015 – July 9, 2015

IES (Innovation and Society: in Italian, "Innovazione e Società") is the biennial conference organizated by the SIS research group SVQS (Statistica per la Valutazione e la Qualità nei servizi), now reaching the sixth edition:

IES 2015 - Statistical methods for service assessment

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The IES 2015 conference is twinned with the conference

Choice and preference analysis for quality improvement

organized by ASA in 9 and 10 july, in the same places.

ASA Conference


Main location for both Conferences: Athenaeum, p. Umberto I, n. 1, Bari.

Secundary location: Student Center (former "Palazzo delle Poste"), p. Cesare Battisti, Bari.



General: IES 2015

IES 2015 CONFERENCE is the biennial conference of the SIS research group, “Statistics for the services’ assessment”, and will be held in Bari in July, 8-9  2015.  
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IES 2015 - Innovation and Society (Innovazione e Società) - Bari, 89 July 2015

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