Electronic Book “Advances in Latent Variables”

The full version of the Conference Proceedings, collected in the Electronic Book “Advances in Latent Variables”, Eds. Brentari E., Carpita M., Vita e Pensiero, Milan, Italy, ISBN 978 88 343 2556 8, are available here.  
Posted: 2013-06-17

The FENStatS session


Invited Session on "Latent Models" in collaboration with 
The Federation of European National Statistical Societies (
June, 20 2013, Room B5, 11:30-12:45

The Federation promotes mutual communication, co-operation and interchange of views among all those interested in statistical sciences, in their scientific principles, in a broad sense and in as wide a range of applications as possible. The Federation serves as an agency for the dissemination of technical and scientific information among the National Statistical Societies forming the federation, promoting their mutual collaboration and those activities that can augment the research scientific impact of the members, including international conferences, journals, books and other publications.
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Posted: 2013-06-14



Special track on "Space and space-time models: methods and environmental applications"
In collaboration with GRASPA-SIS the working group on Environmental Statistics
June, 19 2013

GRASPA-SIS is the permanent working group on Environmental Statistics, recently established by the Italian Statistical Society. It promotes statistical and interdisciplinary research in the field of environmental quality, safety and sustainability including air and water quality, epidemiology, earth science and ecology. The group fosters methodological development and applications in fields such as spatial and spatio-temporal modelling, functional data analysis, spatial and spatio-temporal sampling and extreme values. Moreover it endorses co-operation and interchange of views among statisticians, academics from environmental sciences as well as practitioners from government and independent environmental agencies.
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Posted: 2013-06-13

The bes Day

"The bes Day" at the University of Brescia: Statistics measures the fair and sustainable well-being

Friday, June 21, 2013 at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Brescia will be "The bes Day": an entire day devoted to the theme of the statistical measures of the fair and sustainable
well-being for the societies. It is a theme of considerable interest and a challenge for the definition of appropriate economic and social policies, on which Statistics offers an important contribution, as pointed out by the publication of the ISTAT-CNEL Report on the measurement and evaluation of the progress in Italy (

"The bes Day" is organized by the Research Center "Data Methods and Systems" of the Department of Economics and Management in collaboration with ISTAT, and is part of the Annual Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society ( that
this year will take place at the University of Brescia (

For organizational reasons, please communicate your participation to:
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Posted: 2013-06-11

Social Event


Social Dinner will take place on June, 20 at Ristorante Due Colombe (Borgonato di Cortefranca, Franciacorta). Before the dinner, you will enjoy an exclusive visit to the wonderful wine cellar of “Azienda Agricola Fratelli Berlucchi” or, alternatively, to the suggestive artisan distillery of “Distilleria in Franciacorta” at “Borgo Antico San Vitale". 
Participation to the social dinner is bookable by May 31, 2013 by writing an email to Seating is limited to 160 persons, so reserve your place as soon as possible. The cost of the conference dinner is € 50,00 per person (transfer from and to Brescia included). It is not included in the conference fee and must be paied at the conference registration desk. For more details, please click here.

During the Statistical Conference there will be some moments dedicated to sensory analysis with seminars,tasting experiences and sensory games, in order to raise awareness of the methodologies and statistical tools usedin the sensory analysis. For more details, please click here.



Posted: 2013-03-25
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