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Compulsive usage of Internet and mobile phone by teenagers: a new empirical evidence
Sabrina Maggio, Claudia Cappello, Daniela Pellegrino

Last modified: 2013-06-14


In the recent years, the rapid increase in mobile phone and Internet usage, has determined various benefits to their users, such as social relations and new ways of communication (virtual interactions by email, chat or instant messaging). On the other hand, an abuse of these technologies might cause adverse health effects (i.e. social isolation and other forms of psychological disorders), especially on young people, which is considered to be at high risk for pathological and addictive technologies use.
In this paper, a case study on Internet and mobile phone habits among teenagers, is discussed. In particular, a questionnaire has been submitted to a sample of students, with ages ranging fromĀ  11 to 13 years old, attending some schools belonging to the districts of Lecce and Brindisi (Apulia Region). A cluster analysis combined with a binary logistic regression has been applied, in order to: a) outline the profile of teenagers that overuse Internet and mobile phone, b) assess the relationships among behaviours and attitudes of teenagers, with reference to the above-mentioned technologies.

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