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A statistical model for the strategic quality management in the tourist harbours
Sabrina Maggio, Giuseppe Raffaele

Last modified: 2013-06-16


The sector of yachting and, in particular, nautical tourism, has reported in recent decades, a strong upward trend, which would constitute one of the leading sectors of the international economy. On the basis of this assumption there exists the need to implement forms of strategic planning, to strengthen the ability of a port area to retain regular users, attract new customer segments and raise the standard of quality for pleasure boating services. In the literature, there are currently no specific tools and methodologies for the study of the quality of services provided in Marinas. In this paper, an ad hoc analogical model for the harbour management is proposed, in order to interpret, detect and estimate the qualitative aspects of a boating performance. The reliability of the analogical model for the Pleasure Boater-Satisfaction (acronym PBS) evaluation is tested through a sample survey, carried out in the period August-September 2010 on a sample of 394 permanent and in transit boaters in 21 ports located in the Apulia region.

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