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Visualizing Similarities in the Rasch Model response patterns with VOSviewer
Tommaso Lando

Last modified: 2013-07-02


VOSviewer is a computer program developed for bibliometric mapping and it is based on a new method for visualizing similarities between objects called VOS (visualization of similarities). Borrowing an idea from Caviezel et al. (2012), the aim of this paper is to extend the applications of the program, finding a way to describe the similarities between response patterns in the Rasch model. The similarity index proposed considers three different points of view: we can consider a response pattern more or less similar to another looking at the co-occurrences between the responses given, the difference between their total scores and the “distance” between their probabilities. Combining these three ideas in a single formula we may find an interesting way to explain the data and to visualize it in a clear and effective way with VOSviewer.

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