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A finite mixture regression model for evaluating University admission test and students’ careers
Lucio Masserini, Monica Pratesi

Last modified: 2013-06-16


The evaluation of the initial preparation of students wishing to enroll in adegree program is an important issue since students are required to take an admissiontest before enrolling in a degree program. In this paper we aim at investigating theeffect of the University admission test on the students’ careers at the end of the firstacademic year, also detecting, if they exist, unobserved but meaningful subgroups ofstudents with similar progression in their university careers. The analysis is referred tothe participants to the admission test carried out in September 2011 at the Departmentof Economics and Management, University of Pisa. Data were analysed using a finitemixture regerssion model in order to investigate population heterogeneity.

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