The Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international specialized scientific conference on relevant methodological and applied statistical research theme. The Conference SIS 2013 focuses on advances in statistical methods and models for analyses with latent variables. Recently, an increasing interest has been devoted to this topic, from both methodological and applied points of view. In fact, the “latent variable approach” allows to effectively model complex real-life phenomena in a wide range of research fields.  The aim of this Conference is to bring together statisticians from different research fields, in order to exchange approaches and experiences related to the analysis of the unobservable variables and the study of the relationships among them. Researchers interested in the current theme of the meeting are invited to participate. A Book with a selection of extended papers will be published by Springer in the new International Series Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics. Selected papers will be blind peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers.

Contact: sis2013@eco.unibs.it