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Poster Session

Time pattern of remittance behaviours in Italy PDF
Annalisa Busetta, Valeria Cetorelli, Manuela Stranges

BES-M3.1 - The BES and the challenges of constructing composite indicators dealing with equity and sustainability

Understanding equity in work through job quality: A comparative analysis between disabled and not disabled graduates by means of a new composite indicator PDF
Giovanna Boccuzzo, Licia Maron

SPEC-M1.1 - Space and space-time models A: methods and environmental applications

Bayesian analysis of the multivariate dependence of three transitional water ecosystem classifications PDF
Alessio Pollice, Serena Arima, Giovanna Jona Lasinio, Alberto Basset, Ilaria Rosati
Tapering Space-Time Covariance Functions PDF
Emilio Porcu, Viktor Zastavnyi, Moreno Bevilacqua

SPEC-M1.2 - Latent variable models for marketing research

Separating between- and within- group associations and effects for categorical variables PDF
Marcel August Croon, Margot Bennink

SPEC-M2.1 - Dynamic Models with Latent Variables

Macroeconomic forecasting through regularized reduced-rank regression PDF
Gianluca Cubadda, Emmanuela Bernardini
Network estimation in econometrics PDF
Matteo Barigozzi, Christian Brownlees

SPEC-M2.2 - Issues in estimating complex latent trait and latent class models

A classification of university courses based on students satisfaction: an application of a three-level mixture Item Response Theory (IRT) model PDF
Silvia Bacci, Michela Gnaldi

SPEC-M2.5 - Essays in Anchoring Vignettes

Changes in disability reporting in the US and the Netherlands PDF
Teresa Bago d'Uva, Arie Kapteyn, Eddy Van Doorslaer, Arthur Van Soest

SPEC-M3.1 - Latent variables in demographic analysis

The Turkish second generation in Europe: family life trajectories and independence in the transition to adulthood PDF
Nicola Barban, Helga A.G. De Valk

SPEC-M3.2 - Special symbolic data analysis

Multivariate Parametric Analysis of Interval Data PDF
Paula Brito, A. Pedro Duarte Silva, José G. Dias

SPEC-M3.3 - Structural Equation Models, Covariance Structure Analysis and Partial Least Squares

Generalized Redundancy Analysis PDF
Pietro Giorgio Lovaglio, Roberto Boselli

SPEC-M3.4 - Multi-way Component Analysis

SCREAM: A novel multi-way method for regression on tensors with shifts along one mode PDF
Federico Marini, Rasmus Bro

SPEC-A1.1 - Finite mixture models for complex data structure

A nonparametric multidimensional latent class IRT model in a Bayesian framework PDF
Francesco Bartolucci, Alessio Farcomeni, Luisa Scaccia
Smooth Nonparametric Heterogeneity Estimation with an Application to Meta-Analysis PDF
Dankmar Boehning

SPEC-A1.2 - The latent variables hidden in the texts

Mining the ambiguity: correspondence and network analysis for discovering word sense PDF
Simona Balbi, Agnieszka Elzbieta Stawinoga

SPEC-A2.2 - Exploratory data analysis of contingency tables for latent variables

Adjusting the aggregate association index for large samples PDF
Eric J. Beh, Salman A Cheema, Duy Tran, Irene L Hudson

INVI-M2.1 - Latent Models

Composite likelihood inference for a class of latent variable models for two factor clustering PDF
Francesco Bartolucci, Francesca Chiaromonte, Prabhani Kuruppumullage, Bruce G. Lindsay

SOLI-M1.1 - Latent models in financial risk management

Markov Switching GARCH models for Bayesian Hedging on Energy Futures Markets PDF
Monica Billio, Roberto Casarin, Anthony Osuntuyi
Robust Credit Stress Testing Through a Cointegrated Framework PDF
Tiziano Bellini

SOLI-M2.2 - Latent variables in medicine

Three-step estimation of latent Markov models with covariates and possible dropout PDF
Francesco Bartolucci, Giorgio Eduardo Montanari, Silvia Pandolfi
Regression to the mean PDF
Annibale Biggeri, Dolores Catelan, Michela Baccini

SOLI-M2.3 - Advances in Spatial Econometrics

Methods for the identification of spatial latent regimes PDF
Maria Simona Andreano, Roberto Benedetti
Developing a Composite Index by using Spatial Latent Modelling based on IT estimation PDF
Rossella Bernardini Papalia, Enrico Ciavolino

SOLI-M3.1 - Scale reliability for ordinal item responses

The Polychoric Ordinal Alpha, measuring the reliability of a set of polytomous ordinal items PDF
Andrea Bonanomi, Marta Nai Ruscone, Silvia Angela Osmetti
A Study of Bias for Non-Iterative Estimates of the Linear-by-Linear Association Parameter from the Ordinal Log-Linear Model PDF
Eric J. Beh, Sidra Zafar, Salman A Cheema, Irene L Hudson

SOLI-A1.1 - Bayesian Models in Economics and Finance

What Makes Residential Different from Non-Residential REITs? Evidence from Multi-Factor Asset Pricing Models PDF
Daniele Bianchi, Massimo Guidolin, Francesco Ravazzolo
Bayesian quantile regression for tail risk interdependence PDF
Mauro Bernardi, Ghislaine Gayraud, Lea Petrella

SOLI-A1.2 - Space and space-time models B: methods and environmental applications

Hierarchical spatio-temporal models for short-term predictions of air pollution data PDF
Francesca Bruno, Lucia Paci

SOLI-A1.4 - Unobservable features detection in finance

Volatility Dependent Conditional Correlation Models PDF
Edoardo Otranto, Luc Bauwens
Proximity-structured multivariate volatility models for systemic risk PDF
Lorenzo Frattarolo, Monica Billio, Massimiliano Caporin, Loriana Pelizzon

SOLI-A1.5 - Advances in longitudinal data analysis

Sparse Nonparametric Graphical Models for Random Effect Distribution in GLMMs PDF
Sara Viviani, Marco Alfò, Pierpaolo Brutti

SOLI-A1.6 - Space and space-time models C: methods and applications

A latent variable approach to modelling multivariate geostatistical skew-normal data PDF
Luca Bagnato, Marco Minozzo

SOLI-A3.1 - Latent traits for Educational Models

Measurement error modeling in regression models with IRT measures as covariates PDF
Michela Battauz, Ruggero Bellio

CONT-M1.1 Spatial data & services

Approximate likelihood inference via dimension reduction for multidimensional binary panel data PDF
Silvia Bianconcini, Silvia Cagnone, Dimitris Rizopoulos
Semiparametric estimators of dose-response functions PDF
Michela Bia, Alessandra Mattei, Carlos Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes

CONT-M1.3 ICT & Robustness

Business failure prediction in manufacturing: a robust bayesian approach to discriminant scoring PDF
Maurizio Baussola, Eleonora Bartoloni, Aldo Corbellini

CONT-M1.5 Fuzzy & entropy

A fuzzy approach to measure well-being in European regions PDF
Maria Adele Milioli, Lara Berzieri, Sergio Zani

CONT-M1.6 Text analysis & contingency tables

Non-Symmetric Three-way Correspondence Analysis to Analyse Text Data in a Food Context PDF
Rosaria Lombardo, Eric J. Beh, Luis Guerrero

CONT-M2.1 Medicine

Cognitive deterioration in cancer patients using logistic quantile regression PDF
Silvia Columbu, Matteo Bottai

CONT-M3.1 Education: School and University

University Effectiveness measured through Postgraduate Employability PDF
Daniele Toninelli, Silvia Biffignandi

CONT-A3.1 Latent class

Italian households’ financial product ownership over time: a latent class Markov model for dynamic segmentation PDF
Francesca Bassi
Latent class Markov models for measuring longitudinal fuzzy poverty PDF
Giovanni Marano, Gianni Betti, Francesca Gagliardi

CONT-A3.2 Gender, social and geographical differences

Sub-national Differences in Leaving Lowest-low Fertility in Italy PDF
Agnese Vitali, Francesco Candeloro Billari
Studying poverty over time: an analysis by gender and age in Europe PDF
Daria Mendola, Annalisa Busetta