Presentations and Authors

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SPEC-A1.3 - Graphical Markov representation of latent structures

Graphical Latent Structure Tests PDF
Robin Evans

SPEC-A2.3 - Statistics on Manifolds

Studying hemodynamic forces via spatial regression models over non-planar domains PDF
Bree Ettinger, Simona Perotto, Laura M. Sangalli

SOLI-M2.2 - Latent variables in medicine

Process evaluation using latent variables: applications and extensions of finite mixture models PDF
Richard Andrew Emsley, Graham Dunn
Identification of dietary patterns using partial least square regression PDF
Adriano De Carli, Valentina Rosato, Valeria Edefonti, Monica Ferraroni

SOLI-M2.3 - Advances in Spatial Econometrics

Measuring spatial clustering of firms while controlling for latent spatial heterogeneity. An approach based on micro-geographic data PDF
Diego Giuliani, Maria Michela Dickson, Giuseppe Espa

CONT-M1.7 PCA & Imputation

Permutation testing for validating PCA PDF
Isabella Endrizzi, Flavia Gasperi, Marit Rødbotten, Tormod Næs