Presentations and Authors

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BES-M3.1 - The BES and the challenges of constructing composite indicators dealing with equity and sustainability

Measuring multidimensional polarization with ordinal data PDF
Marco Fattore, Alberto Arcagni

SPEC-M1.1 - Space and space-time models A: methods and environmental applications

Coherency in space of lake and river temperature and water quality records PDF
Marian Scott, Claire Miller, Francesco Finazzi, Ruth Haggarty

SPEC-M2.1 - Dynamic Models with Latent Variables

Fast indirect estimation of latent factor models with conditional heteroskedasticity PDF
Giorgio Calzolari, Gian Piero Aielli, Gabriele Fiorentini

SPEC-A1.1 - Finite mixture models for complex data structure

A nonparametric multidimensional latent class IRT model in a Bayesian framework PDF
Francesco Bartolucci, Alessio Farcomeni, Luisa Scaccia

SPEC-A1.2 - The latent variables hidden in the texts

A decade of research in Statistics: a topic model approach PDF
Francesca De Battisti, Alfio Ferrara, Silvia Salini

SPEC-A1.4 - Latent variables in causal inference

A direct likelihood approach to principal stratification analysis PDF
Paolo Frumento, Barbara Pacini, Donald Rubin, Fabrizia Mealli

SPEC-A2.3 - Statistics on Manifolds

Graphical methods for dimensionality reduction on manifolds PDF
Lara Fontanella, Sara Fontanella, Luca Romagnoli

SOLI-M2.2 - Latent variables in medicine

Identification of dietary patterns using partial least square regression PDF
Adriano De Carli, Valentina Rosato, Valeria Edefonti, Monica Ferraroni

SOLI-M3.3 - Compositional analysis

Exploring compositional data with the robust compositional biplot PDF
Karel Hron, Peter Filzmoser
Covariance-Based Outlier Detection for Compositional Data with Structural Zeros: Application to Italian Survey of Household Income and Wealth Data PDF
Gianna S. Monti, Karel Hron, Peter Filzmoser, Matthias Templ

SOLI-A1.4 - Unobservable features detection in finance

Proximity-structured multivariate volatility models for systemic risk PDF
Lorenzo Frattarolo, Monica Billio, Massimiliano Caporin, Loriana Pelizzon

SOLI-A1.6 - Space and space-time models C: methods and applications

The estimation of latent temporal patterns in multivariate geolocated time series PDF
Francesco Finazzi, Marian Scott

SOLI-A2.1 - Latent variables in time series

Testing hypothesis in VARs with I(2) and near-I(2) latent stochastic trends PDF
Francesca Di Iorio, Stefano Fachin, Riccardo Lucchetti

SOLI-A2.2 - Job satisfaction and quality of work: measures and models

Quality of Work and Health Status PDF
Tindara Addabbo, Marco Fuscaldo, Anna Maccagnan

CONT-M1.1 Spatial data & services

A georeferenced IRT approach for the localization of public services PDF
Simone Di Zio, Lara Fontanella
Semiparametric estimators of dose-response functions PDF
Michela Bia, Alessandra Mattei, Carlos Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes
A LCA approach for allocation of employees to local units PDF
Irene Rocchetti, Davide Di Cecco, Danila Filipponi

CONT-M1.2 Finance & Economics

The real time ability of financial and real variables in nowcasting PDF
Antonio Frenda, Luigi D'Ambra, Sergio Scippacercola
Survival models for credit risk estimation PDF
Filomena Madormo, Fulvia Mecatti, Silvia Figini

CONT-M1.5 Fuzzy & entropy

A New PCA Method for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Based on Cross-Entropy PDF
Adel Fatemi, Poya Faroughi, Sonia Darvishi

CONT-M3.2 LV approaches

A least squares approach to latent variables extraction in formative-reflective models PDF
Marco Fattore, Matteo Maria Pelagatti

CONT-A3.2 Gender, social and geographical differences

How does human capital affect partnership transitions? Evidence of complex contingencies in a multi-country sample PDF
Giulia Ferrari, Ross Macmillan