Presentations and Authors

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SPEC-M1.1 - Space and space-time models A: methods and environmental applications

Coherency in space of lake and river temperature and water quality records PDF
Marian Scott, Claire Miller, Francesco Finazzi, Ruth Haggarty

SPEC-M2.5 - Essays in Anchoring Vignettes

Alternative weighting structures for multidimensional poverty assessment PDF
Danilo Cavapozzi, Wei Han, Raffaele Miniaci

SPEC-M3.4 - Multi-way Component Analysis

A general framework for modelling covariances PDF
Age Klaas Smilde, Marieke E Timmerman, Edoardo Saccenti, Jeroen J Jansen, Huub C.J. Hoefsloot

SPEC-A1.2 - The latent variables hidden in the texts

Finding Scientific Topics Revisited PDF
Martin Ponweiser, Bettina Grün, Kurt Hornik

SPEC-A2.2 - Exploratory data analysis of contingency tables for latent variables

Adjusting the aggregate association index for large samples PDF
Eric J. Beh, Salman A Cheema, Duy Tran, Irene L Hudson

SOLI-M2.1 - Measures of higher education human capital

What employers prefer in graduates’ attributes and skills PDF
Rolf Van der Velden, Martin Humburg

SOLI-M3.1 - Scale reliability for ordinal item responses

A Study of Bias for Non-Iterative Estimates of the Linear-by-Linear Association Parameter from the Ordinal Log-Linear Model PDF
Eric J. Beh, Sidra Zafar, Salman A Cheema, Irene L Hudson

SOLI-M3.3 - Compositional analysis

Exploring compositional data with the robust compositional biplot PDF
Karel Hron, Peter Filzmoser
Covariance-Based Outlier Detection for Compositional Data with Structural Zeros: Application to Italian Survey of Household Income and Wealth Data PDF
Gianna S. Monti, Karel Hron, Peter Filzmoser, Matthias Templ

CONT-M1.3 ICT & Robustness

Structural Equation Mixture Modeling: an application to Tuenti Spanish Online Social Networking Site PDF
Cristina López, Vanessa Apaolaza, Patrick Hartmann