Presentations and Authors

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SPEC-M1.2 - Latent variable models for marketing research

Market segmentation via mixtures of constrained factor analyzers PDF
Francesca Greselin, Salvatore Ingrassia

SPEC-M3.2 - Special symbolic data analysis

Dimension reduction techniques for distributional symbolic data PDF
Antonio Irpino, Rosanna Verde

SPEC-M3.5 - Finite mixture models for categorical variables

A finite mixture distribution for modelling overdispersion PDF
Maria Iannario

SOLI-M2.4 - Sensory Analysis in action

A statistical analysis on sensory data: the Italian espresso case study PDF
Maria Iannario, Marica Manisera, Paola Zuccolotto

SOLI-A1.2 - Space and space-time models B: methods and environmental applications

Functional Data Modeling in climatology PDF
Rosaria Ignaccolo