Presentations and Authors

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SPEC-M3.5 - Finite mixture models for categorical variables

Local dependence in latent class models: application to voting in elections PDF
Daniel L. Oberski

SOLI-M1.1 - Latent models in financial risk management

Markov Switching GARCH models for Bayesian Hedging on Energy Futures Markets PDF
Monica Billio, Roberto Casarin, Anthony Osuntuyi

SOLI-M2.4 - Sensory Analysis in action

Sensory evaluation of wine in Italy and statistical analysis PDF
Luigi Odello

SOLI-M3.1 - Scale reliability for ordinal item responses

The Polychoric Ordinal Alpha, measuring the reliability of a set of polytomous ordinal items PDF
Andrea Bonanomi, Marta Nai Ruscone, Silvia Angela Osmetti

SOLI-A1.4 - Unobservable features detection in finance

Volatility Dependent Conditional Correlation Models PDF
Edoardo Otranto, Luc Bauwens

CONT-M1.4 CS & compositional data

A new mixture model for composition and size PDF
Andrea Ongaro, Sonia Migliorati