Presentations and Authors

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Plenary Session

Advances in estimation of large hierarchical spatio-temporal models
Håvard Rue

BES-M3.2 - The integration of equity, vulnerability and sustainability: the main challenges of well-being

How to look at an unequal well-being PDF
Tommaso Rondinella
Towards measuring the sustainability of well-being PDF
Fabiola Riccardini

SPEC-M1.1 - Space and space-time models A: methods and environmental applications

Bayesian analysis of the multivariate dependence of three transitional water ecosystem classifications PDF
Alessio Pollice, Serena Arima, Giovanna Jona Lasinio, Alberto Basset, Ilaria Rosati

SPEC-M2.2 - Issues in estimating complex latent trait and latent class models

A weighted pairwise likelihood estimator for a class of latent variable models PDF
Vassilis Vasdekis, Dimitris Rizopoulos, Irini Moustaki

SPEC-M2.5 - Essays in Anchoring Vignettes

A comparison of parametric and non-parametric adjustments using vignettes for self-reported data PDF
Silvana Robone, Andrew Jones, Nigel Rice

SPEC-M3.5 - Finite mixture models for categorical variables

A concomitant variable mixture model for predicting freshmen gained credits PDF
Leonardo Grilli, Carla Rampichini, Roberta Varriale

SPEC-A1.4 - Latent variables in causal inference

A direct likelihood approach to principal stratification analysis PDF
Paolo Frumento, Barbara Pacini, Donald Rubin, Fabrizia Mealli

SPEC-A2.3 - Statistics on Manifolds

Graphical methods for dimensionality reduction on manifolds PDF
Lara Fontanella, Sara Fontanella, Luca Romagnoli

SOLI-M2.2 - Latent variables in medicine

Identification of dietary patterns using partial least square regression PDF
Adriano De Carli, Valentina Rosato, Valeria Edefonti, Monica Ferraroni

SOLI-M2.3 - Advances in Spatial Econometrics

Gaussian state-space models of housing prices in the US PDF
Eugenia Nissi, Agnese Rapposelli, Pasquale Valentini

SOLI-A1.1 - Bayesian Models in Economics and Finance

What Makes Residential Different from Non-Residential REITs? Evidence from Multi-Factor Asset Pricing Models PDF
Daniele Bianchi, Massimo Guidolin, Francesco Ravazzolo

SOLI-A3.1 - Latent traits for Educational Models

Measuring school achievement in latent groups of students defined by their compliance behavior PDF
Giulia Roli, Paola Monari
Specification of random effects in multilevel models: an overview with focus on school effectiveness PDF
Carla Rampichini, Leonardo Grilli

CONT-M1.1 Spatial data & services

Approximate likelihood inference via dimension reduction for multidimensional binary panel data PDF
Silvia Bianconcini, Silvia Cagnone, Dimitris Rizopoulos
An application of the Structural Equation Modelling to the evaluation of public services supply PDF
Carolina Raiola
A LCA approach for allocation of employees to local units PDF
Irene Rocchetti, Davide Di Cecco, Danila Filipponi

CONT-M1.4 CS & compositional data

A statistical model for the strategic quality management in the tourist harbours PDF
Sabrina Maggio, Giuseppe Raffaele

CONT-M1.6 Text analysis & contingency tables

Mixture versus loglinear models in contingency table analysis PDF
Fabio Rapallo

CONT-M1.7 PCA & Imputation

Permutation testing for validating PCA PDF
Isabella Endrizzi, Flavia Gasperi, Marit Rødbotten, Tormod Næs

CONT-A3.2 Gender, social and geographical differences

Analyzing female and male conditions in labour market: where is gender discrimination? PDF
Antonella Rocca, Rosalia Castellano
The Italian Couples' Division of Labour after a Birth: Do Gender Attitudes Matter? PDF
Maria Gabriella Campolo, Antonino Di Pino, Ester Lucia Rizzi