Presentations and Authors

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SPEC-M1.1 - Space and space-time models A: methods and environmental applications

Tapering Space-Time Covariance Functions PDF
Emilio Porcu, Viktor Zastavnyi, Moreno Bevilacqua

SPEC-M2.3 - Sensorial data analysis

Hedonic Price for Italian wine PDF
Rosella Levaggi, Paola Zuccolotto

SPEC-M3.1 - Latent variables in demographic analysis

Mortality by education level at late-adult ages in Turin: a survival analysis using frailty models with period and cohort approaches. PDF
Virginia Zarulli, Chiara Marinacci, Giuseppe Costa, Graziella Caselli

SOLI-M2.1 - Measures of higher education human capital

Evaluation of human capital in education-based perspective PDF
Emma Zavarrone, Anna Simonetto

SOLI-M2.4 - Sensory Analysis in action

A statistical analysis on sensory data: the Italian espresso case study PDF
Maria Iannario, Marica Manisera, Paola Zuccolotto

SOLI-M3.1 - Scale reliability for ordinal item responses

Global Evaluation of Reliability for a Structural Equation Model with Latent Variables and Ordinal Observations PDF
Angelo Zanella, Gabriele Cantaluppi
A Study of Bias for Non-Iterative Estimates of the Linear-by-Linear Association Parameter from the Ordinal Log-Linear Model PDF
Eric J. Beh, Sidra Zafar, Salman A Cheema, Irene L Hudson

SOLI-A1.6 - Space and space-time models C: methods and applications

A latent variable approach for clustering a spatial network PDF
Francesco Pauli, Nicola Torelli, Susanna Zaccarin

CONT-M1.2 Finance & Economics

Small and medium-sized firms and the current financial and economic crisis: a statistical perspective. PDF
Paola Maddalena Chiodini, Cinzia Colapinto, Laura Gavinelli, Mariangela Zenga

CONT-M1.5 Fuzzy & entropy

A fuzzy approach to measure well-being in European regions PDF
Maria Adele Milioli, Lara Berzieri, Sergio Zani
Never leave a job undone. Fuzzy Markov chains for Italian university students’ retention PDF
Franca Crippa, Marcella Mazzoleni, Mariangela Zenga

CONT-M2.1 Medicine

The study of length of stay of patients in the geriatric ward using the Coxian phase-type distribution: the Emilia Romagna example PDF
Adele H. Marshall, Hannah Mitchell, Mariangela Zenga